Stevia Plant

Stevia Plant

Stevia Plant

Stevia Plant is a genus of more than 200, or 240 plants to be precise, that are grown in Far East, Asia, central, north and South America for their sweetening ability, which is 300 times more than that of the common table sugar used at home. Going by the names sweet leaf, sweeteners or sweetleaf, the Stevia Plant leaves some after taste when you take it in food or tea but today, that has been masked by other better flavors used in the brands that are sold in the stores on the internet and in the conventional shopping  places. As a member of the sunflower family, there is no doubt that stevia plant has an amazing number of health benefits.

The Stevia Plant

In Japan, Stevia Plant has been used for more than 40 years now and in many South American countries, it has been used for centuries to treat several ailments. As of now, this plant is becoming a darling to many people, but especially the diabetics and those who are on a low carbohydrate diet. At last, it is giving diabetics an option to indulge their sweet tooth and at the same time have no worries about serious health implications. In fact, recently, interest in the Stevia Plant wonder plant has soared in America and Europe and as of now, even major beverage makers are using stevia extracts to sweeten their drinks.
For a long time the stevia plant has undergone a lot of studies with many scientists showing interest in it. In fact, this plant gets its name from the name of a Spanish researcher and scientist called Petrus Jacobus Stevus who first gave this genus of plants a serious study. later, other scientists followed suit and in many unrelated studies, the health benefits of this plant where affirmed. Used for hundreds of years in South America both as a sweetener or additive to medicines, or as medicine on its own, this plant is indeed good for your health. The only catch, if you can call it that, is that there is an after taste especially if you take it in large quantities. However, that has easily been taken care of by the addition of flavors.

In Japan since 1970, this Stevia Plant is now cultivated as an alternative to saccharin (table sugar). As a matter of fact, the first commercial sweetener made from Stevia Plant was introduced in Japan in 1971 and from then on, there has been no looking back. To be precise, more than 40 percent of the sweetener market in Japan is now controlled by Stevia Plant.

China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and many other places in the world have taken to growing the stevia plant . It is used as a food additive, as a medicine additive or simply eaten raw. It favors the grassland terrains as well as mountain climates. It also does well in semi arid conditions. Though the plant has seeds, most do not germinate and therefore the cloned version of stevia is always best. As a natural sweetener, it will prove a good solution for diabetics and people on carbohydrate-restricted diets.So if you have diabetics you can read here more about Stevia Diabetes and the Stevia Plant.

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