Stevia Side Effects

Stevia Side Effects

Stevia Side EffectsStevia brings you natural sweetness. There is so much goodness associated with this wonder plant, but all the same, thorough studies carried out on lab animals have shown that there are some Stevia Side Effects to contend with. Always remember that research is the key, not only for stevia products, but for other products as well. However, you will find that many products have side effects and therefore you cannot rule a product out just because it has some side effects. Rather, what you should look at is where the balance is. If the pros outweigh the cons as they do in stevia, then the product is good.So the question is, have Stevia Side Effects.

Known Stevia Side Effects

Since stevia works on opposite poles with carbohydrate and glucose, it may cause problems with the absorption of glucose and the use of carbohydrates thus bringing additional problems with the metabolism. This may result to decreased energy levels especially in children. Of course, one of the products of metabolism is energy to do our daily activities but if there is no carbohydrate to burn, then this energy will be absent. This will definitely result to unexplained weaknesses and fatigue even in the morning when one wakes up.

Stevia Side Effects

We all have a sweet tooth and rather than discourage this, stevia encourages you to go for more sweet stuff since it is oversweet, being about 300 times sweeter than normal table sugar. Although it has been used to fight obesity, this may at the same time lead you to taking sweeter stuff like candy, chocolates and many more. Of course, since such goodies contain refined sugars, then it is most likely that you will gain more weight since refined sugars are the main culprits for weight gain in the world today. One of the Stevia Side Effects is that you may not be able to cut the sweet tooth when you want to.

In lab tests, though this has not been tested on the human beings yet, hamsters showed a low sperm count after taking this natural sweetener.So this is one known Side Effects of Stevia. Even though a cloud of doubt still hangs over this, you want to be sure that you are on the safe side. Other stevia side effects may include the fact that due to its ability to regulate (by lowering it) blood sugar in diabetics, it will also lower the level of glucose in normal people. This may bring health complications, fatigue and weaknesses.

Today, there are fears that the overuse of this sweetener may lead to DNA mutations, which brings cancer of Stevia Side Effects. However, this is just a suspicion and has not been proved yet. This has been seen in animals and it is feared that the same may happen in human beings. Other short-term effects like nausea, bloating and dizziness have also been witnessed but they never last long. So you see, most of the Stevia Side Effects are suspicions and have not been confirmed in human beings yet. For pregnant women and people with allergies, they should only take stevia after confirming that it is ok with their doctor. Do the pros outweigh the cons? You do the math | Stevia Side Effects

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